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제품에 대한 기술자료를 한번에

온도센서 케이블 / 보상도선

  • Rated for temperatures up to 500℉(260℃)
  • Ready to use assemblies save setup time, reduce downtime
  • TRAC – Easiest traceability in the industry
  • Applications: Aerospace composites, autoclaves
  • Options: J type thermocouple or K type thermocouple calibration, Class 1 special limits, custom construction


AccuClave Thermocouple Assembly
AccuClave-X Extension Cable
제품 특징
  • Temperatures up to 300℃/572℉
  • Save labor and time during autoclave lay-up, and load and unload cycles.
  • Leakproof AccuClave Thermocouple Assemblies (patent pending) are inexpensive and can be easily replaced after one or more uses.
  • Rugged AccuClave-X Extension Cables bridge the long runs between thermocouples and instrumentation or jack panels. They remain in place in the autoclave, and can be used time and time again.
  • Savings on replacing long length thermocouples pays back the cost of the AccuClave-X Extension Cables in only a few curing cycles.
  • Ready to use, matched AccClave and AccuClave-X assemblies assure accuracy, performance and reliability for higher autoclave yields.
  • AccuClave thermocouple wire is calibrated every 3000 feet(914 meters).
  • Every AccuClave thermocouple can now be conveniently traced to its calibration data and manufacturing information..
적용 분야

Autoclaves, Composites

사용 가능한 옵션
  • J, K and T calibration, Class Ⅰ  Special Limits
  • Custom constructions available
제품별 상세 기술 자료
제품 종류
  • Standard length 3 feet (0.9 meters)
  • Standard construction is flame retardant extruded FEP (+200℃/+400℉ continuous). Also available in PFA (+260℃/+500℉ continuous) and (+300℃/+572℉ continuous)
  • Conforms to ASTM E230/E230M, IEC 60584, and BAC 5621
  • Traceability code (TRAC) permanently laser etched on connector

Available in standard lengths of 10, 20 & 30 feet(3.0, 6.1 & 9.1 meters)

Rugged construction of stranded wire (for flexibility), braided fiberglass jacket, and clear fluoropolymer PFA outer jacket

Available configurations: male to female, male to male, female to female

Conforms to ASTM E230/E230M, IEC 60584 and BAC 5621

Traceability code (TRAC) permanently laser etched on connector

AccuClave & AccuClave-X System

TE Wire & Cable’s AccClave Series performance matched thermocouple system is designed to save you time and money, and at the same time provide accuracy, dependability, reliability, compliance and traceability.

AccuClave Series products are used extensively in autoclaves for the aircraft composite industry and in critical applications where all these factors are essential. They are available in J, K, or T Class Ⅰ/Special Limits. BAC 5621 compliant.

AccuClave Series provide a major advantage when used in autoclaves and other applications where long thermocouple runs and multiple thermocouples are required. The rugged AccuClave-X Extension Cable spans the wire runs between instrumentation systems and AccuClave thermocouples. When required, the short, inexpensive AccuClaveR thermocouple can simply be unplugged and replaced with a new AccuClave thermocuple – no need to replace the AccuClave-X Extension Cable. In doing so you spend less time, less in materials, and have less down time.

TE Wire & Cable’s calibration laboratory is ISO/IEC 17-25:2005 accredited by A2LA.

The AccuClave thrmocouple assembly is patent pending.

Initial calibration tolerances per ASTM E230/E230M
TC Wire Grade Designation Grade Limits
J JJ (ClassⅠ) ±1.1℃(2.0℉) or ±0.4%
K KK (ClassⅠ) ±1.1℃(2.0℉) or ±0.4%
T TT (ClassⅠ) ±0.5℃(0.9℉) or ±0.4%

Whichever is greater

Nominal Wire Dimensions
Conductor Size Insulation Outer Diameter
24 0.51 0.010 0.25 0.040 x 0.080 1.0 x 2.0
28 0.32 0.010 0.25 0.032 x 0.066 0.81 x 1.7