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제품에 대한 기술자료를 한번에

평면 온도세서 케이블

AccuFlex Assembles are innovative, low-profile, flat thermocouple cable assemblies. As a recent addition to the AccuClave auto clave pre-assembled thermocouple series, the design was inspired by the need for very small cross-section thermocouple wire required for the field repair of composites, such as repairing damaged aircraft flight surfaces.

주요 이점
  • Low profile makes creating a seal between vaccum bag and instrumentation quick and easy.
  • Minimal mark-off – 4X thinner than equivalent 28 gauge round cable.
  • Reqdy to use assembliessave setup time, reduce downtime.
  • TRAC System provides the easiest traceability in the industry.
  • Field repair of damaged composites assemblies (aerospace, aircraft, automotive).
  • Autoclave applications requiring a quick and easy seal between vacuum bag and instrumentation.
  • Applications hwere thermocouple measurements require fitting through narrow spaces and openings yet require the low resistance advantage of larger gauge wire.
기술 사양

Up to 500℉(260℃)

Available in

Type J or type K thermocoupe cable assemblies.


BAC 5621 compliant


Flat thermocouple wire, equipvalent to 28-gauge, laminated between layers of rugged polyimide tape. The thickest point is less than 0.012 inch, which is four times thinner than a 28 gauge round wire thermocouple wire.


Special limits.

Two ends

One end is terminated with an injection molded ASTM standard pin configuration thermocouple connector; the otehr end is a welded thermocouple juction.

Cable length

Specified by customers.


The thermocouple is commonly trimmed with the juction left in place after repair. Traditionally, such repairs used very small diameter wires – as low as 36 gauge – so that the blemish remaining after trimming was minimal and nearly unnoticeable. The small gauge wire is fragile, expensive, difficult to handle and has very high resistance. High resistance has the potential of compromising the accuracy of temperature measurement.

AccuFlex is made with flat wire of a cross-section nearly equivalent to a 28 gauge wire, yet has the same height of a 36 gauge wire(0.005″) and a resistance 6 times less than 36 gauge standard thermocouple wire. After trimming, the AccuFlex leaves a nearly imperceptible mark-off impression.